4CM Network

We develop social and web-based security services.

ChristianBlog.Com is a blog service provider that specializes in providing a blogging platform for Christian's from around the world. With over 30,000 blogger's ChristianBlog.Com is likely the largest Christian-specific blog service provider on the internet.

AGJobs.Org is the oldest website on the internet for helping bring together Assemblies of God Churches with Assemblies of God Clergy. We have had over 15,000 A/G clergy and churches use our ministry.

HolyBible.Today allows you to read through the New Testament of the Holy Bible over the course of one year, by reading a few verses of scripture each day.

SleepGraph.Com is a sleep/wake logging service with a focus on circadian rhythm sleep disorders. It is a free service to help those who need to keep track of when they go to sleep, when they wake up, and other issues related to circadian rhythm sleep disorders.

CuddlyCactus.Com is a web-based personal security storage service. It offers the ability to keep detailed records of personal data (such as passwords, account information, online records, etc), encrypted file storage, a contacts manager, tasks and time tracker, a random password generator, and more.

Random Passwords is an online random password generator. All of the passwords (excluding tokens) will likely never be re-generated in our lifetime. We have generated over 800,000,000 passwords, used by individuals, businesses and governmental agencies from around the world.