4CM Network has been developing social & security software since 1996.

Social Services


The leading Christian blog publishing website on the internet. Used by Christians from over 250 countries & territories around the globe!

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The oldest and largest website devoted to A/G job placements.

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A sleep/wake logging service with a focus on circadian rhythm sleep disorders.

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End times blogs, articles and news!

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A global community of Christian's praying for one another!

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Security Services

Secure Vault

Formally known as "Level3Vault" we have brought the Vault under the 4CM umbrella - it is very likely the most secure POPSEC on the internet.

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Random Passwords

Formally known as "CuddlyCactus" we have brought our random password generator under the 4CM umbrella - it very likely offers the most secure randomly generated passwords on the internet.

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Known Passwords

This security tool allows you to search through over 170 million passwords to see if a specific password is within lists of known passwords used by hackers.

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