4CM Network

4CM Network has been developing social & security software since 1996.

Social Services:


The leading Christian blog publishing website on the internet. Used by Christians from over 250 countries & territories around the globe!

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The oldest and largest website devoted to A/G job placements.

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A sleep/wake logging service with a focus on circadian rhythm sleep disorders.

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Security Services:

Secure Vault

Formally known as "Level3Vault" we have brought the Vault under the 4CM umbrella - it is very likely the most secure POPSEC on the internet.

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Random Passwords

Formally known as "CuddlyCactus" we have brought our random password generator under the 4CM umbrella - it very likely offers the most secure randomly generated passwords on the internet.

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Known Passwords

This security tool allows you to search through over 170 million passwords to see if a specific password is within lists of known hacker passwords.

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Just For Fun:

Sun Up?

Living in a cave and want to know if the sun is up? This attempts to determin your geoLocation and from that determin if the sun is up or not, as well as presenting you with what time the sunrise and sunset are.

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Screen Test

This is a 4K, and even 8K, capable pixel/particle screen test. It is a slightly modified version of this codepen. Once you load this, go full-screen to see this in pure awesomeness, but be warned, this can cause many browsers on low-end computers to crash!

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RSA Keys

We are not sure of the wisdom in using web based generated RSA Keys, but if you do not have a problem with such, here ya go. Expect a 5+ second load time, we are using a sha512 algorithm with a bit rate of 4096!

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